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Our Story

History of Library

At the time the library was formed, Woodstown was not a separate political entity. It was merely the town center of Pilesgrove Township.


In 1810, a mere 23 years after the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, a group of local men founded the Woodstown Library Company, which was incorporated 4 years later. At the time of its founding, The Woodstown Library was one of only 19 libraries in New Jersey


It was not a free library, open to the public. One had to purchase a share to be a member.


In 1845 the library was moved to the shop of William Pedrick who was also its librarian. Even in those early days there were problems with fines, overdue materials, and failure to pay the yearly fee and the library closed in 1852, not to reopen for eight years.


In 1859 one of the ladies of the town decided to step up to bring a library back to Woodstown. Mrs. Lavinia Townsend Reed taught history for a fee of $.10 per lesson to earn money to restart the library. In 9 months, she had saved up $48 in her library fund and proceeded to buy 80 volumes and a bookcase. By 1860 the Woodstown Library had been reestablished in the Town Hall. Membership was $1.00 per year to be a member of the Pilesgrove Library Association. Later the books were moved to the home of Dan Ware where he acted as the librarian.Between the years of 1860-1952 the library had many different homes. They include various stores, homes on Main Street and North Main Street, the Old Bank Building and Town Hall.


In 1952, Mr. Wm Richman made the association the gift of a double lot on the corner of East Ave and School Lane across from WHS. This gift was graciously accepted, and plans were begun for a fireproof building. and once plans were approved, the Pilesgrove Library Association began to raise funds for this new library building. The new building was completed in 1954 and ready for moving day. Volunteers moved over 16,000 volumes, plus equipment and supplies to the new building. The move took 2 weeks. An Open House on February 19, 1954. This is the building in which the library is located today.


The new library was free to the residents of Woodstown and Pilesgrove with a $5.00 annual fee for non-residents.


As we are still staffed almost entirely by volunteers our hours are still limited: 10 AM to Noon from Monday to Saturday2:30 to 4:30 and 7 PM to 8 PM from Monday through Thursday.


While we receive donations from our two municipalities, they cover far less than our approximately $50,000 annual budget. It is those who volunteer their time and participate in our annual fund drive that make the Woodstown- Pilesgrove Library possible. We are considered a miracle by the NJ State Library that we can provide such a depth of library services. Our motto is: We do a lot with a little. It is the volunteer spirit of the citizens of Woodstown and Pilesgrove that makes that our library possible.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Library is to advance literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity. Its vision is to build an enlightened community devoted to lifelong learning.We also strive to be a resource center that serves the diverse and changing needs of the community by providing materials, programs and services for education and enjoyment.

The Woodstown Pilesgrove Library is available for anyone, however if you wish to check out books and you don't live in Woodstown or Pilesgrove you must purchase a Non-resident membership. Everyone is welcome to use the library’s services and resources and attend library programs. We do not close the doors to anyone nor do we discriminate on any basis.

Library Policies

  • Number of items allowed: Six books, audiobook CDs, or magazines per each borrower’s card or eighteen items for each Family Card.


  • Length of time allowed for checkout:

    • Books, non-current periodicals and audiobooks circulate for two weeks. 

    • Rental books circulate indefinitely, Patrons will be charged $0.15 per day. This will be paid when the patron returns the book.

    • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials- due date is shown on the book slip placed on the ILL book or other material. This date is set by the lending library(usually one month). Ignore the date provided by the slip our little printer prints out for ILL books.

    • DVDs- There are a maximum of two (2) DVDs allowed at a time.  They are to circulate for seven (7) days. In the case of newly released DVDs, they are only to circulate for three (3) days. Only one newly released DVD can be taken out at a time. 

  • Vacation Checkout: Patrons may borrow up to six books for four weeks.

  • Renewal Information

    • All library books and audiobook CDs may be renewed. ILL books can only be renewed with permission of the lending library. 

    • Renewals are limited to 3 times per item. 

    • DVDs can only be renewed once and newly released DVDs cannot be renewed at all. 

    • Do not renew an item more than one time with a “reserve”on it. 

    • Renewals can be done over the telephone as long as there are no fines over $2.00 for overdue books. 

    • Patrons may renew materials from their home. Please see Using Online Catalog 


  • Books (except rentals), periodicals, audio CDs and DVDs are subject to overdue fines.  Interlibrary loan materials do not accumulate fines.

  • Adult materials- $0.15 per day per item, maximum charge is dependent upon the item(s)

  • Juvenile Materials- $0.10 per day per item, maximum charge is dependent upon the item(s)

  • DVDs- $0.50 per day per item for the newly released DVDs that circulate for only three (3) days

Damaged Books (those beyond repair) AND Lost Books

  • Patrons are responsible for paying for replacing the items plus any fees associated with processing the book.


If a book you wish to borrow is checked out, you may request a "Reserve" on that book by requesting it via the Library web page or asking a staff volunteer to reserve it for you.You will be notified by phone when it is your turn and you will have 3 days to pick it up. Otherwise, your name is moved to the end of the list and the next name on the list will be called. 


Photocopies and computer printed copies are $0.15 per sheet

Book Drop

To return checked out material when the library is not open, please use the book drop at the entrance of the library.


Meet The Team

Library Board Members

President -  Sally Lamont

Treasurer - Jerry Federici

Rae Lynn Sims

Martha Champigny

Suellen Moore 

Denise Zeidler

 Donna Eichmann

Megan Brown

Jan Sanders

Nancy Hart

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